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    Product & services pricing Rating 6.25/10 6.25/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 7.81/10 7.81/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 7.50/10 7.50/10
    Customer service: Rating 8.57/10 8.57/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 6.67/10 6.67/10
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Rating 10/10

Custom All-in-One Gaming PC

"They have great communication. When they were needing to consider other options for my specs, they let me know right away and gave me the options. After I told them what I was willing to do, they said that they had an alternative that would make it possible to keep it an all-in-one with the specs I had originally ordered. This extra time, and ordering of an extra part, did not cost me anything. After receiving the computer, and getting it all set up, I can not be happier! It runs beautifully, and I can play games on ultra settings, while recording them and streaming them! This computer should last me a long time, but I will definitely come back when I need another one, and I will recommend AVADirect to all my friends!"

Rating 10/10

AVADirect Low-Noise Custom Gaming Desktop

"I found the layout of the website to be easy to navigate when choosing the components for my rig, enabling me to make adjustments to the configuration and instantly see the effect upon the price.

Once having configured the machine to my satisfaction, the rest was the proverbial piece of cake - ordering was simple, the time to build was not overly long, shipment was prompt, and everything arrived in fine shape.

My new PC runs quietly and coolly (an important objective for me), and I expect to happily use it for a long, long time.

Rating 10/10

Great Experience

"After looking for a company to build me a computer through search engines, I happened to come across AvaDirect and noticed they were close to me (40 minutes). Upon looking over their site and their large selection of components and choices, I finally placed an order. Mr. Mundy was always prompt in answering my questions, and my system was ready for pick-up within a very reasonable time frame.

When I returned home, I opened the box and noted the wire management. It was phenomenal. Perfect, I must say. Everything was tied down and secure, and the numbers from their quality control tests matched every test I ran. I've had the computer for a few weeks, and it's worked without any problems. From every indication, I expect the computer to work perfectly for some time to come; though I don't foresee having to use the warranty, it's nice knowing it's there.

I would highly recommend AVADirect to anyone looking to purchase a quality custom built computer. Some companies want to charge extra for professional wiring and the custom fitted padding inside of the case, but these things are standard with AVADirect. I picked my system up, and the padding was still used. If it were shipped to me, I feel confident the system would have arrived in good order.

My System

Carbide Series Clear 400C Compact w/ Window, Black, Mid Tower Case
GA-AB350-GAMING 3, AMD B350 Chipset
RYZEN 5 1600 Six-Core 3.2 - 3.6GHz Turbo
ROG Series Radeon RX 480 STRIX-RX480-O8G-GAMING
8GB HyperX Fury DDR4 2133MHz
SuperNOVA Series 650 G2 650W, 80 PLUS Gold ECO Mode, Full Modular, ATX Power Supply
120GB 750 EVO 7mm, 540 / 520 MB/s, NAND, SATA 6Gb/s, 2.5-Inch OEM SSD
1TB P300 HDWD110XZSTA, 7200 RPM, SATA 6Gb/s, 64MB cache, 3.5-Inch Retail HDD
Standard Wiring with Precision Cable Routing and Tie-Down
Silver Warranty Package (3 Year Limited Parts, Life-Time Labor Warranty)
System Binder (I would recommend getting this)

If you're in the market for a computer, I would suggest checking AVADirect out. They're worth your time and money. A+ from me.

Rating 10/10

Ava is Legit

"I should preface with the fact that I've had my computer for about a year. I was looking back on my order to figure out what my case was (they offer a huge number of them) and realized that I never reviewed my computer. I ordered my computer in March 2016 and have been using it nearly everyday since then with no hiccups. I've popped open the case and admired Ava's work in managing the internal placement to maximize airflow. The process was easy, quick, and cheap compared to their competitors. Considering the build quality, service and miles I've gotten out of the system, I can say without a doubt that the next time I upgrade my entire system, not just components, Ava is going to be my go-to. "

Rating 10/10

Best Custom Build PC

"I did ordered my custom build PC from them. Before that, I did built my own custom PC with my friend's help. and got good luck with good hardware. This time I decided to let the people to do for me. I was so impressed with their job and test the all hardware before ship out. My new PC did boot up without any problem. I should highly recommand this company that build PC, Laptop,and Server for your any needs ."

Rating 10/10

Excellent Product! Im sick of Reviewers only coming here to complain

"I would like to start by saying that I hate the reviewers who only come to cry when stuff does not work. I was caused a great deal of anxiety because of those people. Even now when I have the PC and it has been working perfectly for the past 20 days I still have these terrible daydreams that it will just magically stop working or fall apart.

To begin with, I did not purchase a pre-built or simple PC. I purchased a customized gaming desktop. Compared to all the other boutiques and sellers: I could not find another one with better prices or a better selection of parts.

I ended up buying the following for $1720 + $57.53 shipping :
Case: S340 Designed By Razer w/ Window, Led illuminated forward facing razer logo and underglow lighting [can be turned on and off] (this is a full metal case not that cheap plastic crap)
Motherboard: ASUS Republic of Gamers MAXIMUS VIII HERO, Intel Z170 Chipset
CPU: Core i7-6700K Quad-Core 4.0 - 4.2GHz
CPU COOLER: CoolerMaster Hyper Series D92 (PushPull style air cooler, cheaper and better than those pre built liquid coolers)
RAM: 16GB Kit (2 x 8GB) Ripjaws V DDR4 2800MHz, PC4-22400, CL16 (16-16-16) 1.2V, Non-ECC, Grey, DIMM Memory
PSU: SuperNOVA Series 750 B2 750W, 80 PLUS Bronze, Semi Modular
Thermal Compund: Innovation Cooling, Diamond 7 Carat, Micronized Diamond, Thermal Compound (THIS IS WORTH IT GET IT! WAY BETTER THAN ARCTIC SILVER 5!!! I cannot believe I used to swear by AS5)
Storage1: 250GB 850 EVO 2.5-Inch Retail SSD
Storage2: 1TB BarraCuda ST1000DM010, 7200 RPM, SATA 6Gb/s NCQ, 64MB cache, 3.5-Inch OEM HDD

Extras: Standard Wiring with Precision Cable Routing and Tie-Down (It is beautiful)
Silver Warranty Package (3 Year Limited Parts, Life-Time Labor Warranty)
System Binder [GET THIS it is like $10 or some lame amount, but will include all the unused parts and documentation no matter how small.(seriously I even got the intel inside sticker lol and the empty plastic which had contained the cpu (youll need that if you want to RMA without shipping back to AVA))]

The Pricing cannot be beat. On PC Part Picker the system cost $1392.77 that is only $327 more than building it myself. For a 3 year warranty and the peace of mind of having a professional build it, as well as removing the oops factor (if they mess up any parts in the building process it comes out of their pocket not yours). I feel the added cost is more than justified.

For comparison, I created a weaker system on Alienware's website and it cost $2158 with a stock cpu cooler, a 1070 founder edition blower fan (yuck) GPU, slower non gaming RAM, and stock thermal paste. As well as an unknown SSD, HDD, motherboard and PSU.

My AVADirect system cost $1720 with leading brand name parts better cooling efficiency and an enthusiast grade motherboard that is guaranteed to work with KabyLake if i ever want to upgrade my CPU.
After I created a quote on AVADirect they even reached out to me by email to see if I needed any assistance in my build. I placed my order on January 7th it was shipped on January 27th (the 15th business day) and recieved it on January 31st. They claim to ship within 10-14 business days, stating custom orders can take up to 1-2 weeks longer. Considering I ordered it close to the hollidays I recieved it sooner than I expected.

When I unboxed it, the PC came inside the case box inside of a huge brown shipping box. It had a clear warning telling me to remove the protective foam from the inside of the PC.
There was also a really nice AVADirect box with all my CDs, extra parts, documentation, cut outs of the serial numbers from the seperate boxes. even the remainder of the thermal paste tube (I did not expect that yay surprises). There was also a folder with instructions that I did not need but at least it's user friendly. The folder also had all the stats from their testing.

I did not order a Windows installation and I did not order any optical drives, so I had prepared a USB drive with Win10. After installing windows everything checked out and the temperatures were identical to what was stated in the AVADirect documents.

The cable management is beautiful, there was not a single scratch on the case nor the clear window.

If I had to say something negative. I wanted to add my 2 laptop Sata drives and they didn't leave any extra cables for Sata drives connected to the PSU (my PSU is semi modular) or Motherboard. The cables were included though and I connected them myself without much effort. I can't really say it's a downside since a Dell would not have even included the extra cables.

All in all 10/10 will buy again I love my PC, I love AVADirect, I broke up with alienware XD and most of all I HATE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO COME HERE ONLY TO CRY AND NEVER SAY THANKYOU!

Thankyou AVADirect!

Rating 2/10


"Overall, my experience with AVAdirect has been one of disappointment and frustration. I ordered a custom laptop, waited nearly a month for it to be built and shipped to me, and then when I finally did receive it, the computer was defective right out of the box - I couldn't get past the Window's startup screen without the system rebooting on me every time. Additionally, every time I turned the computer on, the computer would make an incredibly loud beeping sound, which as I understand is a distress code signifying that something is wrong with the motherboard. I contacted technical support but nothing that Joseph suggested helped. I then received an email for a repair authorization number so that my computer could be sent to some random company in California for repairs. What was even more frustrating was that in order to have the system repaired in California, I would have to pay for shipping costs, even though the repair was for issues that were not my fault - Joseph only offered to pay the shipping costs when I e-mailed him and complained. Based on my experience so far, I suspected that the company was not trustworthy or forthright in their business practices and I was not happy with the product or the service, so I decided to return the computer. However, even though the computer was defective immediately upon arrival, I was still required to pay for the return shipping fee, which ended up costing me approximately $100. To add insult to injury, I was charged a restocking fee as well - even though the computer was in perfect condition and was used for less than an hour (I never got past the Windows startup screen)! So, after I sent the system back, I call Joseph at tech support and he states that after inspecting the computer, he wasn't sure what was wrong, but when he took the battery out and put it back in, the computer was now magically working - so much for their "rigorous testing" standards. After a long conversation with him, I was able to negotiate a reduced restocking fee, but in the end, I still had to pay approximately $145 for a computer I could not use. Furthermore, with shipping costs factored into the total amount, I essentially lost $245 without getting anything from AVAdirect except wasted time and frustration. To me, this entire experience smells of fraud - as far as I know, AVAdirect could have intentionally sent me a defective system while anticipating that I would eventually return the computer. Then, when I finally do return the computer, I'm charged a hefty "restocking fee," and the parts from my computer can now be dismantled and used for another faulty system. Based on my experiences with AVAdirect, I believe that ultimately the company is 1) not trustworthy, 2) involved in deceptive and unethical business practices, and 3) produces low-quality products that do not deliver on their promises. To anyone considering purchasing a system from AVAdirect, I would strongly emplore them to do otherwise. As a consumer, I now feel that it is my responsibility to help protect others by not only alerting and informing potential customers about AVAdirect, but also by reporting AVAdirect to appropriate state and federal regulatory entities. If AVAdirect would have simply covered the return shipping cost and waived the restocking fee (like most companies do for defective products), I would have been satisfied. Instead, they seemed to fight with and oppose their customers at every issue - an unfortunate business tactic that is all too often used by unethical businesses."

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Rep reply posted Jun-20-2017

A rep from AVADirect Custom Computer, MerchServe, has responded

“Hello bolson1,

We want to take a moment and thank you for your review regarding our company and apologize for the inconvenience in our return process.

We’ve been able to use this information, (Examples: "Shipping Label” and "Restocking fee"), to work with our team on their strengths and weaknesses. We've also added additional quality control during the shipping process to ensure that batteries remain properly seated during transit.

Thank you again for your comments and we hope for the opportunity to do business with you in the future.


AVADirect Customer Service Team”

Rating 10/10

Best in Class!

"I recently had the pleasure to work with Joe Mundy at AVAdirect (recommended by Chad Ashley on the GSG podcast). Joe was great, worked with me and my budget (even when we had multiple ones) to get me a computer that fit my companies needs. On top of that, we went back and forth multiple times to discuss prices, discounts and payments, and he was a pleasure both via email and on the phone. I would have been frustrated with my stupid questions, but he handled it like a professional.

Will definitely be reaching out to them again in the future!

Rating 10/10

5-star vendor

"We purchased a desktop computer from AVA in June 2016, and finally configured and had it up and running in September with the Windows 7 OS (at our request). The glitch we encountered was a failure of live updates of the OS not downloading, which we discovered within a short time after the computer was up and running. Tech Support at AVA was contacted, and offered a “fix”, which still did not solve the problem. After much reading on the Microsoft website about the problems with Windows 7 updates, and a “click”; for a fix, the problem with live updates persisted, further adding to much frustration and a need to abandon problem resolution for a while. AVA was again contacted in January 2017 for help, and their Tech Support was there to help bring successful resolution to the problem. After a 4+ hour of remote work from Joe, we now have all of the live updates for Windows 7, and our computer is running smoothly and fast. We are now considering upgrading to Windows 10 in the future, and will only purchase the product from AVA because of their superior USA based technical support. Thanks Joe and Sean. Keep up the great work."

No Avatar

Rating 10/10

Absolutlety Amazing Experience

"First off I would like to say thank you to the AVA Team for an amazing buying experience. I have bought gaming computers in the past from other companies and AVA Direct is by far the best I have purchased from.
The prices are great and the customer service is top notch.
I know Sean C. one of the sales reps. had to be getting sick of my constant messaging and emails but throughout he was very professional and courteous.
Their accounting person (can't remember her name) was amazing I had a hiccup on my end with the purchase and she walked me through my issue and followed-up with me to verify everything went through.
They have a huge selection of components and everything I was looking for they had. I went with an EVGA build of my own through the "True Custom" section of their gaming desktops. Kyle M. helped me out with my quote and I upgraded some components as he suggested. Got the custom rig home, unboxed it plugged it in and not one issue, what-so-ever.

I highly recommend AVA Direct to anyone thinking of getting a custom computer or a regular one for that matter, you will not be disappointed.

My Build:
DG-8 Series DG-87 w/ Window, No PSU, E-ATX, Metallic Gunmetal Grey, Full Tower Case
X99 FTW K, Intel X99 Chipset, LGA 2011-3, DDR4 128GB, M.2, USB 3.1, E-ATX
Core i7-6800K Six-Core 3.4 - 3.6GHz TB, LGA 2011-3, 15MB L3 Cache, DDR4, 14nm, 140W
GeForce GTX 1080 FTW HYBRID GAMING, 1721 - 1860MHz, 8GB GDDR5X 256-Bit, PCI Express 3.0
16GB Kit (2 x 8GB) Vengeance LED DDR4 3200MHz, PC4-25600, CL16 (16-18-18-36) 1.2V, Non-ECC, Black, Red LED, DIMM Memory
SuperNOVA Series 850 P2 850W, 80 PLUS Platinum ECO Mode, Full Modular, ATX Power Supply
MasterLiquid Pro 280mm, Socket 2011-3/1151/AM3+/FM2+, Retail Liquid Cooling System
HTK-002, 2.37g, 0.8 (W/m-K), High Performance, White Thermal Compound
6 x SickleFlow 120mm, 2000 RPM, 52.19 CFM, 19 dBA Cooling Fan
128GB 600p 2280, 770 / 450 MB/s, 3D NAND TLC, PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe, M.2 SSD
1TB / 8GB MLC FireCuda ST1000DX002, 7200 RPM, SATA 6Gb/s NCQ, 64MB cache, 3.5-Inch OEM SSHD
Standard Wiring with Precision Cable Routing and Tie-Down

Rating 4/10

Comprehensive review of order, customer service and product itself

"I placed an order for a custom computer that I intended to use for both work and gaming purposes on Black Friday, November 25th of 2016. It should be noted that I did not purchase a hard drive, OS or video card (they did not have the hard drive I wanted and I already had a video card). I also paid for a mild overclocking (10-20%) of the Intel 6700K 4.0 ghz CPU I chose.

I picked this time so that I could take advantage of certain savings as well as free shipping. I had been shopping at other custom computer sites and chose Avadirect for their slightly better pricing. They also had a great option in the form of "Affirm" that allowed me to pay the full price of the computer over the course of 3 months with a very small interest charge. I received the computer on December 29th due to a 1-day delay by Fedex.

Positive experiences with Avadirect: when speaking to customer service, they were generally pleasant to talk. The computer itself runs very well, and I had no issues installing Windows 10 on it. Unfortunately, that is all the positive experiences I had.

Negative experiences: As you can see, considering that no hard drive, OS or video card was ordered, the amount of time it took for my computer to be completed and delivered to me was a bit excessive. One might say that it is around the holidays and that this explains it. I saw reviews on here of people who ordered AFTER me and received it before. It took 2 full weeks before my computer was past the parts allocation stage. A week later I called to inquire and was told it was on the overclocking bench and that it should be ready to ship by the next day. I called the following Monday only to hear that it was still on the overclocking bench "because there was no hard drive and we had to install our own to overclock it." I'm not expert, but I have put computers together myself and it doesn't take 2 days to pop in a hard drive. I had been told that the average overclock done normally with an unlocked CPU is around 17% by a customer service representative by the name of of Sean yet I only received a 10% overclock (4.4 up from 4.0 ghz). I purchased a large 240mm liquid cooler so that it could handle a higher overclock, which it seems now was unnecessary. When I called back to inquire regarding the 10% overclock I was told once again by Sean "that's the best our guys could do."

The icing on the cake was when I VERY respectfully and calmly shared my concerns about the whole experience, there were NO efforts to justify, explain or validate me as the customer whatsoever. Instead, there was silence until I finally said "well, thanks for your time I guess."

It's unfortunate that although I received a pretty good machine (as of yet it runs well), I had to have a pretty sour experience. I would NOT order from them again.

Little customer service tip: don't tell a customer the BEST case scenario about when they can expect their order. You're bound to leave them disappointed.

Rep reply posted Jun-20-2017

A rep from AVADirect Custom Computer, MerchServe, has responded

“Hello simonsalem,

We want to take a moment and thank you for your review regarding our company and apologize for the misunderstanding in regards to our overclocking service.

We’ve been able to use this information, both the positive (Example: "Pleasant Customer Service" "Computer Runs Well") and negative (Example: "Overclocking" "Holiday Time Frames"), to work with our team on their strengths and weaknesses. We've also added additional information on our website to provide more details about our overclocking services.

Thank you again for your comments and we hope for the opportunity to do business with you in the future.


AVADirect Customer Service Team”

Rating 10/10

A very merry christmas experience!

"I made an order on the 5th of December. It said on the e-mail it would take 10-14 business days to finish. I waited about ten days then I sent a message inquiring about the status of my order. A sales rep responded shortly saying It's scheduled to be shipped on the 27th, which was fine for me since I picked the true custom tier. Then during work I got an e-mail that said it would ship on the 23rd. It got sent to my house through overnight on the 24th and I was eager to see it since I was at work during that time. When I got home, I unboxed it and got everything I ordered plus holiday freebie games. Thank you very much AVADirect, your prompt response and great service has made my holiday very special!"

Rating 10/10

First class business with customers in mind!

"On October 2nd I completed my computer build and placed my order. I was shortly contacted by a customer service representative for credit card verification as it was a high dollar order. They worked with me on how to get my banks approval to complete the payment process. It really is nice that they take extra verification steps (don't forget to e-sign your order form when ordering).

After my order was placed I was advised through email of the estimated build time, about 8-10 weeks. This may seem like a long time to wait but my system was custom built from the ground up. There was also no telling how many systems were ahead of mine.

I contacted AVA several times asking for build time updates. My inquiries were answered by sales manager Joseph Mundy, who answered any questions I may have had and never seemed bothered by my inquiries. It should be noted that most of my questions were responded to the same day. The only exception was when I sent an email after business hours. I always received a response to these inquiries first thing the next morning.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, my computer arrived on December 6th. The packing itself was very will done. Tons of protective wrap were inside and the computer itself was fit into a styrofoam sleeve. The outside of the box itself was covered in black plastic, protecting it from water damage. Be aware, AVA also places formed packing foam inside the computer to protect it. Make sure it is removed prior to starting it up.

After unpacking and starting the computer up it was immediately apparent that everything was worth the wait. Then only hang up I had is the remote control for my LED lights was missing. I contacted Mr. Mundy and advised him. He immediately got back to me and sent me a new remote. I would also like to add the remote was sent next day shipping and I received it the following morning.

All in all I couldn't be happier with my computer. The cable management is brilliant and the custom water cooling is a work of art. The only issue I ever had after several months of correspondence was the missing remote, and that was remedied immediately!

AVA Direct runs a business with the customer in mind, and you actually feel valued. The wait times for you product may seem like forever, but the end result is definitely worth it! Customer service was great and honestly, I can't think of anything this company could of done better.

Rating 4/10

Did not supply my ASUS motherboard driver CD, which comes included with it from ASUS.

"Good build at a mediocre price. They failed to include my motherboard driver disk which is extremely important and necessary when I went to install an M.2 hard drive. The driver CD is supposed to be included in the motherboard's box -- where is it AVA? I wanted to upgrade to a better video card (before the computer was even built) and they charged me a 20% "restocking" fee. Really? My $800.00 purchase wasn't enough? "

Rep reply posted Feb-01-2017

A rep from AVADirect Custom Computer, MerchServe, has responded

“Hello colorich,

We want to take a moment and thank you for your review regarding our company and apologize for the missing driver disc.

We’ve been able to use this information, both the positive (Example: "Good build”) and negative (Example: "Restocking fee"), to work with our team on their strengths and weaknesses. We've also added additional quality control during the shipping process to ensure accessories are included with every order.

Thank you again for your comments and we hope for the opportunity to do business with you in the future.


AVADirect Customer Service Team”

Rating 10/10

Extremely satisfied

"I was extremely satisfied with the number of options / customizations that were available on their site. After visiting various other computer sites (Dell, HP, Falcon Northwest, Origin PC, iBUYPOWER, CyberPower, and Digital Storm.), I ultimately ended up going with AVADirect and do not regret my decision. I have never owned a desktop before (always been a laptop guy), so I didn't want to build my first one from scratch. I did know what I wanted in my desktop and AVADirect took care of the rest."

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