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  • AT&T Wirele

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72 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10

Absolutely Annoyed

"I have been a valuable customer to at&t since 2010. I have never had an issue with at&t until recently. I recently upgraded from an iphone 5s to a Samsung galaxy 6plus edge. After a week of using the edge it stopped working so I asked for a replacement phone. Two months later my galaxy began freezing and dropping calls AGAIN. I contacted AT&T to obtain a new phone because at this point I hate the galaxy edge. Customer service told me they could only give me a new galaxy edge. The edge is not a good phone and I should not be forced to pay for a service that I can not use. I am extremely frustrated. Althought I love at&t I will be leaving for a different company because I will not continue to pay a bill for a lousy phone. "

This review was modified by minnie89 on March 12 2016 11:14:52 AM

Rating 2/10

Run, Even Comcast is Better

"Cannot believe that after 2 months of horrendous service that At&T tried to make me feel rewarded that they were crediting the early termination fee that I never signed. However anything was better than Comcast so I thought. Comcast was horrendous, well by George, At&t took the pile of crap by yards. Wasted hours of lies. Called 3 times over a bill received after canceling the service. They kept telling me that all was cancelled, I was getting my money back of 2 wasted months of payments and the termination fee was cancelled that I did not even know about.
WOW. At&t is worst than Comcast.
The TV service cut off after 3 hours of sitting, if I did not change the channel,
The internet was 6 gb and promised to move it to a whole 12. Really, a tech finally told me they had 70 plus in the area. 4 days I could not use the internet, hours of slow response from the first day of service,
Techs came out seven times,
And still At&t thinks that canceling a termination fee is a grand jester. Really! At least everyone knows Comcast is horrible so there are no expectations of good customer service. At&t took the cake with attitude and lies.


Rating 2/10

Dumpt AT&T for T-Mobile

"I have been a customer of AT&T for close to 25 years! Yap! I am dumping them for T-Mobile. They have been charging me more and more and the Customer service is SOOO bad! The last few days that I have been trying to call them to cancel my service, I call at 10 am EST and the automated systems says " Please call back from 8 am til.. " it is 10 am!! What time zone we are talking about!
Go to their stores and you don't feel welcomed and the folks there are just playing with their phones! I paid you guys $385 for 5 lines last month. Shame on you. I am going T-Mobile $180 UNLIMITED data! I had unlimited data and when my 18 year daughter went to update her phone they tricked her in switching to a "better" plan! I was never able to get my old plan back and since then they have been ripping me off to pay their CEO and the top Executive. This is a monopolistic approach! I just called T-Mobile customer service to try and spoke to two representative, Young and full of energy and real people!! Learn from T-Mobile At&T

This review was modified by mahdavi on March 11 2016 07:17:54 AM

Rating 2/10

The longest appointment with the least results...

"My hu sband and I went to the ATT store today to upgrade one phone and get a new line. I will spare you all the details, but transferring one existing phone to a new, upgraded one and starting a new phone, took two and a half hours! I could have tolerated that, however, we got home and my husband got a text message on his old phone. That cued him to call his number, which was "not in service". He called customer service who told him they couldn't help him and he would have to go back to the store tomorrow. Now he has to take time off from work and spend even more time doing something that should never have taken this long. He also uses this phone for business and has no business phone right now. Unfortunately, our contract ties us to them for the next 15 months. I will be counting the months until we can switch our service."

This review was modified by Cosmo333 on February 28 2016 03:49:23 PM

Rating 2/10

Punished for employee mistakes

"CHristmas EVE i added an 11th phone line to my plan, actually 12th if you concider the house phone. I was told a couple weeks later that if I didnt move up to the 30 gb plan then I would have to put the other phone on its own plan. so I went up. then I got a call today from teh presidents office saying that I had to pay to put the phone on its own plan which is double what im paying now for it, or I could send the phone back. this phone belongs to a 17 year old girl thats working and needs a phone despratly. it was several employees that apparently dropped the ball on this, but the guy I spoke with had no emotion, and no sympathy. he didnt care what his employees did. he would not budge. keep the phone and pay $100 a month, or send the phone back and cancel the line. this is on top of hundreds of other complaint with At&t. customer service is crappy, noone knows what they are talking about. rude customer service tells me I wont cancel my service with them because I owe too much money on next phones, and one told me to go to the better buisiness bureau because noone ever looks there anyway. they have cheated me out of so much money and time its unreal. "

This review was modified by reshu1 on February 13 2016 09:38:38 AM

Rating 2/10


"I am so hurt and crying at this time because of the way AT&T does not value me as a long time customer. MY DAUGHTER HAS A DISABILITY AND THE ONLY WAY THE SCHOOL CAN REACH ME IS WITH MY WIRELESS PHONE. BUT DOES THAT MATTER TO THEM .. I WOULD HAVE TO SAY NO !
I have made late payments at times but have always paid my bill even when it has been very high. I always set up automated payment arrangements because that's what works for me. The last 3 payment arrangements I made were to be automated out of my account. When I talked to the Rep. they said no I didn't ;t set it up that way . Oh yes I did. So they said it would not happen again and they apologized, Well it happened again and of course all they can say is it's my fault. I should have made sure that I received a text message to made sure the correct payment arrangement went through. Not saying you took out time from your very super hectic life to set up the arrangement and trusted that we would set it up correctly. I spoke to several managers and all they could basically say is it's not our fault and it really doesn't matter how long you have been a customer and how much money you have spent with this company. BECAUSE WHEN YOU SAY YOU CAN'T HELP ME AT ALL ; YOU ARE TELLING ME YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT ME AND WHAT IS GOING ON IN MY LIFE. That I should have checked my text message even though I had family member pass, being homeless for unforeseen circumstances and being sick with strep throat, bronchitis and asthma for me and my child. Even with all that going on I called and said my payment was not taken out with the arrangement I made just to tell me it's all my fault !! I am a mother a healthcare professional and long standing AT&T customer and I AM NOT VALUED AT ALL AS A PERSON OR A CUSTOMER. It doesn't matter what I am going through at all ; the Cooperate company does not care !!!!! When my housing situation is resolved I was planning to add Direct TV but now they would rather lose me as a customer than help me ! They would rather say even though you called us because your payment did not come out and I wanted to make sure it got paid that yes we will accept your payment of $341.66 but the rest of the amount that is due and we can't set up any kind of arrangements with you and your services could be cut off at any time . So what if this is the only way you can keep work and feed your family. Too bad that you have all these tragedies going on in your life but you don't mater to AT&T. AT&T should know what it's the customers like us that keep this company going !!!!!

This review was modified by nespinoza94 on February 01 2016 09:46:42 AM

Rating 2/10

Terrible company and service - go to Verizon NOT ATT

"AT&T is an absolute terrible company. I've been with them since the first cell phone I've ever had and believe in Brand loyalty however they do not treat their customers with that same loyalty. Their service is terrible, there are tons of hidden fees and they are way to expensive for what you receive. Their customer service is terrible as well. I've recently dealt with Shelly Brisco and Stephanie Bunton who were of no help at all and were very rude over the phone. Back in September I called to cancel service because we HATED our phones. We were transferred to a gentleman that promised to get us new phones as well as reduce our monthly cost. We ordered new phones, got them sent to us and they were the wrong phones. We sent those back and then got the actual phones that we ordered. However, those phones did not come with instructions or return labels to send our old phone back. We had to contact customer service to get shipping information as well as instructions for how to process our old phones before shipping them. We then sent our old phone back. Over 2 months after we sent our old phone it was returned to us - saying it was not received within the proper time frame. Now we have a past due balance on our account for this phone they apparently have "never received" I spoke to customer service again explaining the situation to four different people during the time of the call to get this issued resolved. The last man I spoke with emailed us a return label to again ship the phone back to the warehouse. Out of all of these conversations never once did they say our service would be suspended for not paying the past due balance of the old phone they didn't receive - even though that was the main topic of conversation. They did however say that the balance would remain on the bill till they received the phones in the warehouse. Bring us to TWO days later and our service has been cut off. I call customer service and Shelly Brisco and Stephanie Bunton explain that it's MY fault AT&T doesn't have the phones and the only way to get my service back is to pay 200 for the old phone that we've sent back to them (now twice). I have to also add that the less expensive bill I was promised back in September is now almost double what I was paying due to added fees for LESS data...go figure. I CAN NOT wait to get rid of this service even though I've been a loyal customer for over 15 years. I will also make sure that the rest of my family drops them - I'm pretty sure that most of my friends were smarter than I and dropped AT&T for superior Verizon service YEARS ago. We all learn from mistakes - having AT&T as my wireless provided has been one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I warn you to stay way."

This review was modified by nickenjon on January 26 2016 05:50:49 AM

Rating 2/10

"This was absolutely the worst customer service experience I have ever had. I ordered an upgrade to my internet service on Wednesday. I was told, and received an email, stating that a technician would arrive to install new equipment on Thursday between 9 and 11. At noon on Thursday, I called AT&T because the technician did not show up. I was placed on hold for quite a while, then transferred to a company that was not AT&T and was asked me for my conference call code--they were a conference call company and had nothing to do with AT&T. After that awkward exchange, I called AT&T again and after 3 hours of entering my phone number, stating who I was, entering/stating my pin #, being placed on hold and transferred to another department over and over, in the end I was told that a major error occurred with my order and I was promised that it would be taken care of and I would receive a call back. It is now Sunday evening, I have not heard a word from AT&T and I am researching other internet providers to contact in the morning. My next call to AT&T will be to cancel my service. "

This review was modified by AmandaBanks on January 04 2016 08:22:58 AM

Rating 2/10

"I've had AT&T for as long as i can remember as my cell phone carrier, internet provider, and until recently for my tv (Direct TV). The reason this review is being written, is for the disastrous Uverse customer service I've experienced for the past 5 months. From day one its been terrible, the technician couldn't connect to our lines so he had to send his boss, he couldn't find it so he got his boss to come out. Next every time I call to pay my bill they haave trouble pulling up my account. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I now am able to walk them through the process for them to find my actual account. They have attached a number different hidden bills to my monthly bill of $35, but this month has been the most painful. I will now be paying close to $200 dollars for one month. After pleading my case for 2 hours this afternoon. I have nothing to show for it. Proving my case over and over again. Apparently the last customer service reps mislead me which is not there fault but my own for now keeping every confirmation number I have received. The worst part is I talked to the Manager specifically for resolving issues-Elle Miles, and she argued that due to the lack of information on both parties the charges are credible and mandatory for service. "

This review was modified by SamNicholson on December 29 2015 02:31:05 PM

Rating 2/10

"I made an order online for a sim card and prepaid card. I tried to change the shipping address from the billing address but their order management software did not allow me to make the change. I sent an email to stop/change the order and got no response. So, I called several times and each time was transferred to the wrong department. Eventually, I got to the right person and they refused to refund me unless I shipped the sim card/prepaid card (worthless plastic) back. I am unable to get to my billing address and told them exactly what happened. She (customer service manager of the refund department) did nothing to satisfy the situation and basically told me she didn't care whether or not this gets resolved.

Now I am considering a charge back with my bank.

Please refund me and stop treating me with disrespect.

Rating 2/10

"It's a shame ATT can not provide customer service to match it's bought and paid for, advertised ratings. Just the "simple things" are so hard for ATT. Even a promise made to so many customers. If you see the ATT Exec's ask them "why they plan to fail" customers expectations.

Heres an example: Phone, TV, Internet, or Wireless....watch out for their ATT Rewards Card !

ATT CASH REWARDS CARD....that is offered at time of sale in my opinion is a lie. It's not cash you can easily get to, much less spend. Here's why. They say you will get REWARDS CARD (example of mine $250) for setting up ATT Uverse TV and Internet service. Cost me $235 month for both. Told me REWARDS CARD will be mailed to me. DID NOT HAPPEN. Lie #1.
No card is really supposed to be sent to you, it's first a CARD OFFER you are supposed to get in the mail...then YOU must go online and authorize the REWARDS (actual) CARD to be sent to you using the code on the mailed slip. You can't get the $250, if you never get the mailed OFFER. I did call 3 1/2 weeks after day of service install. Ask ATT Customer service "Where is my $250 reward card?" Was told, it can take up to 7 or more weeks to get the OFFER in the mail. Turns out you can't even authorize the OFFER to order the actual card (if you got the Offer in the mail) till you have SERVICE active for 30 days from install date.

So I waited. Never got the OFFER. At two (2) months point...Went to phone and online...ATT REWARDS CENTER.. after looking for answers and the ATT CS people directed me them. NO CASH, NO CARD, will be ISSUED to ME. The Rewards Card center (an automated site) shows In-Service date 9-1-2015. 30 days active date 10-1-2015. Rewards card EXPIRED 10-18-2015. Not even 7 weeks total. By ATT Rewards Center 's own, automated account online...ATT customers only have 17 days to get the OFFER - Authorized !

Final word : There is no getting the $250 ATT promised for me setting up service with them. IMHO it's just LIE #2. What was in writing does not matter to ATT.

Worst for all the other ATT customers...there is no known recourse to get the REWARDS CASH CARD once the "Rewards Center" automated system cancels the OFFER ...even if You never GOT it !! Or you got it , but were a day late authorizing the OFFER, so you could get the actual REWARDS CARD sent to you.
Just useless "Flimm-Flamm" from a corporation everyone knows!

Don't take my word for it ...GO ON-LINE.
Check for ATT complaints about their "ATT Rewards Card" being useless. It's out there all across the web.
In my opinion, the entire Rewards program was setup and designed to fail the customers ever being able to get the REWARDS CARD as promised. Criminal perhaps?!!
But Yeap! For sure It smells! Bad! It's a shame.

Proves the more things change....the smell stays the same !!

This review was modified by TopTexasTrader on December 12 2015 07:46:51 PM

Rating 6/10

"They're ok. Cheaper than Verizon (and you can rack up Plenti points), but I find the indoor signal is not as good. The customer service is mediocre."

Rating 2/10

"I have been an AT&T DSL customer for two years straight. As well as several times, prior to my present contract.
Last year I signed up again for their DSL service. the service I began to have frequent service problems. AT&T sent out a tech to look into it. I had a modem received during a prior contract commitment, that I was using. The tech switched out the modem for another modem of the same make and model. He took my other modem with him when he left. This modem had been paid for as required during a previous contract. The problems still existed after the switch.
The following months they began to charge me an equip. charge. Every month after the tech had come I had to call cust. srvce. to explain that I had already paid in full for my modem and that I had not agreed to any change in my service. For 6 months I had to call to inform them of the problem. Eventually they gave me a credit in the amount of the price of the modem.
At the end of last year's contract I was offered a special offer to continue my DSL srvce. I agreed to the offer. Then, I received a call from the agent trying to go back on the offer I had already agreed to!! This action by an AT&T agent was unprecedented and totally unprofessional.
These problems amounted to at least 10+ hours of lost time, and aggravation.

Rating 2/10

"AT&T has horrible customer service I've been with them for years havent dealt with the issues I've had until now. I don't recommend anybody to go to them unless they want to be screwed over in the end. Never again! "

This review was modified by Rajuanab on September 18 2015 08:02:06 AM

Rating 2/10

"I sadly regret to state that I'm an AT&T customer. Moreover, if you would have asked me some years ago I would have stated that I was proud to be a customer of AT&T; it's funny because I had been with them since they were singular wireless, but back to my review. It's been over two months but I've been battling with over crazy stuff; it all started over the fact that they decided to take it upon themselves to change my billing date without proper notification. Needless to say, when I called and asked what was going on; they told me that they were sorry, it would be ok, I was a valued customer, and that they would change it back to the way it was.... Consequently, I had no idea that it would be at my expense, so month one goes by and I think I'm ok.... But what I would face next would enrage even the calmest person. Month two, or today rather I receive an email informing me that I am once again part due and that I own a past due balance of 121.00.... Now just sit and think to yourself, how you would have taken it?????? I calm and thinking; maybe it's just some crazy mistake but booooyyyyy, was I wrong!!!!!!!! Not only did they try to rob me out of my hard earned money, when I called to discuss the problem with them, they tried to say that I didn't pay them all of what I owed on my bill.... So at that point I asked to speak with a supervisor and went on line and pulled up my bank statements , thinking it's going to be okay, they'll straighten it out!!!!! Nevertheless, once again I was wrong, what I would endure next ladies and gentlemen would have even you stand up and raise your voice to be indignant and grab this incompetent woman/thing by her collar and tell her about herself!!!!!!!!!!! I begin to explain to her as to how unhappy I was with their services and that I know for share that I did owe them anything because I am looking at very payment made by me to them, I had reference numbers and all.... Then she proceeded to yell at me over talking me and all; that yes I did owe them, it's on my bill, if I recently received any extra charges it was my fault, and that I shouldn't have changed my billing date back to the way it was.... She then continued, bank statements and reference numbers mean nothing, only what they bill me and if I didn't like it, it was tough, it was my fault, and she will talk to me whenever I'm ready to become more understanding of my bill; next hanging up the phone on me....... Yes ladies and gentlemen you are reading this review correctly, I was so angry I could have snatched all of the life outta that woman!!!!!!!!!! Lastly when I called back no one could identify her, I asked for the number to their corporate office and I was told that there was no way to reach their corporate office, that they would handle it and pass on the information, ohhh and by the way, I still owe them and, it's my fault not theirs and every customers billing date was changed, so that's, that, but they hope they were able to resolve all of my issues today!!!!!! Please anyone reading this review before actively becoming an AT&T member I urge you to think long and hard of the mistake you would be making......"

This review was modified by Theresia32 on September 05 2015 01:56:00 PM

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