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    Product & services pricing Rating 1.25/10 1.25/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 0.78/10 0.78/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.92/10 1.92/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.63/10 0.63/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.73/10 1.73/10
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Rating 2/10

Burn, 'em and turn 'em

"I assume that's their training policy. They don't have a solid billing department, just more sales. I've never cared about someone learning English as a second language, but I'm too nice about it. I went to transfer services and I assume the lady didn't understand me when I said 5 times that I only wanted to transfer services. She was likely using too much of her brain in terms of translating thoughts and upselling me some trash package deal that saved me $10 a month, but came with an entirely new installation fee. AT&T also fought to end net neutrality, so when they go about throttling my websites I will gladly disband the internet considering that life adventuring hiking running bicycling football baseball friends working on cars is significantly more enjoyable than paying for corruption throttling and shity customer service. "

Rating 2/10


"Service went down on a Sunday, they stated they would resolve the issue on Monday, couldn't finish due to outside cable is broken somewhere and they couldn't locate the break. Called the tech bwcause he never returned, call AT& T and was told it will be ANOTHER THREE WEEKS before anyone would be here. We live in Franklin, TN, no small area, so I STILL want to know why the tech and the company lied to us! Meanwhile, my business takes a huge hit. WE ARE LOOKING AT A DIFFERENT COMPANY NOW. Enough of broken cables, modems breaking, and lying employees! I will tell everyone how awful they are and they can pick up their equipment in the street."

Rating 2/10

International charges

"Call to have the international plan back dated( done many times since I been with the company for 8years) first customer service told yes it will be $40 dollars you will received a credit on your bill( have the conversation since it was a live chat) never credit my account , so I call asked for a manager spoke with Renzo commission code Mr396k he said sorry I can't help you. Seriously AT&T is that the service you provinding me after 8 years of taking my money.. LEAVING THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY

Rating 2/10

If your thinking about getting their services, DONT.

"Worst experience I've ever had with a company. I've had two people come to my house, after a 3 hour phone call. And yet I have neither wifi or cable. Each time is a new problem that they are too stupid to fix. This company would be better off not existing and I now see why other companies have MUCH higher ratings. Verizon KICKS YOUR ****. I am beyond LIVID about this disservice and waste of time. DO NOT bother wasting your time like I've wasted mine, avoid this company at all costs. "

Rating 4/10

Unlimited data, no hot spot

"Have an unlimited data plan with AT&T but cannot turn the hotspot on on my Kyocera duraforce Pro because I have unlimited data and they don't want you to use it. Kind of a crappy scam"

Rating 2/10

At&t will say anything for a sale.

At&t customer service is garbage.

My wife and I signed up for att with thier switch progam I was assured it would be a "easy" switch from t-moblie to at&t I would just need to submit my final bill for reimbursement.
They asked me and my wife if we wanted to keep our old number or get new ones. My wife kept hers I picked a new one. Now after submitting my bill at&t denied me and my wifes reimbursement becuase I picked a new number. I was on the phone for hours with customer service and they said they could do nothing and I would have to call the store.
The guy at this store said all he could do is give me 100 bucks, and that I should call the other company that is responsible for the switch program. "Why I should I have to call another company when I signed up with at&t is ridiculous to me".
I called at&t customer service back and after a few more hours on the phone finally got them to accept my wifes portion of the bill mine is still "pending" I have to call back in about a week to see if they will honor it.
So first impressions as a at&t customer is the customer service so far is hot garbage. I was sitting at the table with these folks being sold and NO ONE told me that getting a new number was going to be a problem. If I had known it was going to cost me hours on the phone getting shuffled around transfered to automated message machines and potentially costing me hundreds of dollars I would have just kept my old number.
So if you are going to a at&t store be very aware you may not be getting the whole story. These people are there to sell you, and will not go out of thier way to warn you away from potential problems, and if you fall into a problem they defiantly are not going to do the call work for you to get it worked out, and you will probably spend hours on the phone playing the lottery that is at&ts customer phone support. Update called back today and they would not honor my reimbursement after hours on the phone I got a supervisor that would send me a free tablet hopfully I can sell it to make up the difference in the money they stole from me. 0/10 I will be leaving at&t as soon as financialy possible.

Rating 2/10

Switch Scam

"3.5 months ago ATT convinced me to switch two lines from T Mobile and it sounded like a great deal. They promised to pay up to $650 per phone and we were given two new Iphone 7. After 3.5 months we still have not received payment in the form of a ATT VISA card and TMobile sent us to a collection agency for $798.00 and with threats to put it on our credit report if not paid in full you are forced to do it. I spent over a hour on the phone with 4 different people from customer service to customer loyalty to the switchover people and no resolution except you sent it to the wrong place and we have no record of it run around. No one could tell me when or how much we were due and told me to go back to the store that sold me the deal. Good luck. Now we are stuck and could probably switch and run into the same problem elsewhere. This was supposed to be so easy, new phones, won't cost you anything and save us $$. Ended p costing me $800. Buyer beware - these sales people will tell you anything to get the sale."

Rating 2/10

Customer service is terrible

"know at&t is famous for their hidden charges. But now they add extras like insurance to your phone (without asking for it, or telling you) and when you ask for the charges to be reversed they say no! If you ask to speak to a manager they say "my supervisor is busy with other calls"! It sounds like this billion dollar company is resorting to stealing their customers $$."

Rating 10/10

Brea California - Leydi Sanchez and Anthony "Zee" Zuliani

"Roughly two months ago, I went to the Brea retail store in order to become an AT&T Wireless customer.

Leydi Sanchez was very very helpful.

In my personal opinion, Leydi Sanchez is the number one employee at the Brea retail store.

When I walked into the Brea retail store around 12:30 in the afternoon on Monday, July 10th....Leydi greeted me by name.

Leydi Sanchez is truly an asset to the Brea retail store and to the AT&T corporation.

Leydi Sanchez should be highly commended for her helpfulness and for always providing excellent customer service.

I walked into the Brea retail store around 12:30 in the afternoon on Monday, July 10th because I wanted to put myself on a lower rate plan for my cell phone service.

Anthony "Zee" Zuliani patiently helped me explore all of the options that were available to me.

Anthony "Zee" Zuilani should be highly commended for his helpfulness and for providing excellent customer service.

Rating 2/10

Do not order by phone.

"I called in to ATT to get pricing on Direct TV and Cell service. I told the guy on the other end I would not give my credit information until I had all the pricing. He gave me the pricing and I was told that he could not email me the contract until they ran the my credit. I gave them the information and when I got the email the monthly bill went up from $107.00 to about $200.00. If I did not closely who know what would have happened. I staying with Verizon "

Rating 2/10


"I have four devices that are no longer on contract. We paid the $125 penalty per device to get out of the contract, all of which were up in 2 months. We have also paid any outstanding payments due for all of our devices. American Express has confirmed that the charges have gone through. We were sent emails regarding 3 of our 4 phones after 48 hours. One email said that there was an upgraded made within 14 days. Not True. Another phone said that it was out of contract and didn't need to be unlocked. Not True... but not complaining. Another phone said that it was under contract still and payments were outstanding. Not True. I have called customer service, and they are not able to tell me why our phones have not been unlocked. They told me to speak to a manager in the ATT Store in Aliso Viejo. They tried to help and then finally said that they were not allowed to help me. I cannot get through to anyone that can help me. I have been re-routed to sales multiple times and have been hung up on. (Please know that I said nothing to warrant that kind of treatment. I believe that they were equally frustrated and just gave up.) I also was told that a manager in the Mobility Department would call me within one to two hours. It never happened. It just seems that AT&T is too big, for any reasonable customer service. It has now been over 72 hours. What am I to do?"

Rating 10/10


"I've been going through a personal crisis and long story short, I went to the Garden City Michigan ATT branch tired and emotional where I received the best quality of care by not only the manager, but an employee named Branden Henderson! It is so obvious that this young man not only takes pride in working for ATT, but he genuinely cares about his customers. Branden was kind, knowledgeable, and extremely professional and made me feel like he values me not only for my business, but as a person. In these times we live in, quality customer service is becoming harder to find and I am the type that will stay with a business forever when I am treated well. I was having such a hard time and my wonderful experience at ATT turned my whole day around which became about so much more than just purchasing a phone plan. I sincerely hope that Branden receives recognition for his work because he is so good at what he does and this customer is thankful to ATT for Branden!

Rating 2/10


"This co needs to go to hell bunch of THIFS."

Rating 2/10

Bad on Bad

"My AT&TO phone under warranty dropped dead. Took two trips to AT&TO store & 2 mgrs to have replacement shipped with no battery. Phone arrived, gets hotter than fire, melted my charge cord and temp measured by online AT&T..at 113 degrees & rising fast. So they agreed to ship me a battery. A week later, no battery. 3rd trip to store got me new charge cord... Still hot as fire. A lot of shoulder shrugging going on! Go to Verison, if possible!"

Rating 2/10

Entering contract with AT&T was a mistake

"Subscribing AT&T was a big mistake. There are significant hidden charges. Every month I had to pay about 30-60% more than it was in my contract. AT&T used every opportunity to make few extra dollars. You will pay for purchases you never made. You will pay for extra data even even though you do not use phone internet at all. You will have a choice of entering the next billing cycle after the end of contract or pay significant charges for each phone even if you cancel contract on the day it ends. After ending service you may find yourself waiting many days before you can unlock your phones because your bills have to be cleared even though you already paid everything in full. You will find yourself calling AT&T several times to solve a simple issue and later find that it was not solved despite promises. Customer service is aggressively dishonest."

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