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  • AT&T Wirele

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60 Customer Reviews

Rating 2/10

"I have been an AT&T DSL customer for two years straight. As well as several times, prior to my present contract.
Last year I signed up again for their DSL service. the service I began to have frequent service problems. AT&T sent out a tech to look into it. I had a modem received during a prior contract commitment, that I was using. The tech switched out the modem for another modem of the same make and model. He took my other modem with him when he left. This modem had been paid for as required during a previous contract. The problems still existed after the switch.
The following months they began to charge me an equip. charge. Every month after the tech had come I had to call cust. srvce. to explain that I had already paid in full for my modem and that I had not agreed to any change in my service. For 6 months I had to call to inform them of the problem. Eventually they gave me a credit in the amount of the price of the modem.
At the end of last year's contract I was offered a special offer to continue my DSL srvce. I agreed to the offer. Then, I received a call from the agent trying to go back on the offer I had already agreed to!! This action by an AT&T agent was unprecedented and totally unprofessional.
These problems amounted to at least 10+ hours of lost time, and aggravation.

Rating 2/10

"AT&T has horrible customer service I've been with them for years havent dealt with the issues I've had until now. I don't recommend anybody to go to them unless they want to be screwed over in the end. Never again! "

This review was modified by Rajuanab on September 18 2015 08:02:06 AM

Rating 2/10

"I sadly regret to state that I'm an AT&T customer. Moreover, if you would have asked me some years ago I would have stated that I was proud to be a customer of AT&T; it's funny because I had been with them since they were singular wireless, but back to my review. It's been over two months but I've been battling with over crazy stuff; it all started over the fact that they decided to take it upon themselves to change my billing date without proper notification. Needless to say, when I called and asked what was going on; they told me that they were sorry, it would be ok, I was a valued customer, and that they would change it back to the way it was.... Consequently, I had no idea that it would be at my expense, so month one goes by and I think I'm ok.... But what I would face next would enrage even the calmest person. Month two, or today rather I receive an email informing me that I am once again part due and that I own a past due balance of 121.00.... Now just sit and think to yourself, how you would have taken it?????? I calm and thinking; maybe it's just some crazy mistake but booooyyyyy, was I wrong!!!!!!!! Not only did they try to rob me out of my hard earned money, when I called to discuss the problem with them, they tried to say that I didn't pay them all of what I owed on my bill.... So at that point I asked to speak with a supervisor and went on line and pulled up my bank statements , thinking it's going to be okay, they'll straighten it out!!!!! Nevertheless, once again I was wrong, what I would endure next ladies and gentlemen would have even you stand up and raise your voice to be indignant and grab this incompetent woman/thing by her collar and tell her about herself!!!!!!!!!!! I begin to explain to her as to how unhappy I was with their services and that I know for share that I did owe them anything because I am looking at very payment made by me to them, I had reference numbers and all.... Then she proceeded to yell at me over talking me and all; that yes I did owe them, it's on my bill, if I recently received any extra charges it was my fault, and that I shouldn't have changed my billing date back to the way it was.... She then continued, bank statements and reference numbers mean nothing, only what they bill me and if I didn't like it, it was tough, it was my fault, and she will talk to me whenever I'm ready to become more understanding of my bill; next hanging up the phone on me....... Yes ladies and gentlemen you are reading this review correctly, I was so angry I could have snatched all of the life outta that woman!!!!!!!!!! Lastly when I called back no one could identify her, I asked for the number to their corporate office and I was told that there was no way to reach their corporate office, that they would handle it and pass on the information, ohhh and by the way, I still owe them and, it's my fault not theirs and every customers billing date was changed, so that's, that, but they hope they were able to resolve all of my issues today!!!!!! Please anyone reading this review before actively becoming an AT&T member I urge you to think long and hard of the mistake you would be making......"

This review was modified by Theresia32 on September 05 2015 01:56:00 PM

Rating 2/10

"DO NOT BECOME AN AT&T CUSTOMER!! this company has lousy customer service and doesn't care about their customers. they tell you one thing and then charge you for another. the coverage area has gotten worse every year that I have been with them. I was a customer for 8yrs and have been on a month to month contract for the last 6. when I cancelled my service, they charged me a $105 early termination fee and said that one of my five lines was put on to a 2yr contract and that there was nothing they could do about it. my recommendation is stay away from this company and if its too late, get out while you can!."

This review was modified by SheltonGuy on August 25 2015 09:46:28 PM

Rating 10/10

"I actually had a good experience via chat - I neglected to buy an international data package when in Canada for a U2 concert a few weeks ago. I thought i was being careful, but apparently I used a lot of data, and was charged $138 for that 24 hour period on the network up there. I contacted AT&T Wireless via chat to see if there was anything I could do...after the fact. After I little negotiation, I got a $60 credit - not free - but a pretty good result for a 20 minute chat session while sitting at my desk. Most reviews on RR.com are gripe sessions, i thought I would add a positive experience."

This review was modified by SciGuy3210 on August 21 2015 05:40:09 AM

Rating 2/10

"AT&T is the worst service provider that ever existed. I've supported their services for years as an IT specialist. There isn't a service that AT&T offers that isn't a flat out ripoff, especially their wireless cellphone service. I've used their wireless cell phone service for 4 months now and I can't believe all the charges they tack on to my account. 3 questionable services fee every single month. Last month my bill was over $300 and I didn't even use up my minutes. My bill is ALWAYS nearly double what I purchased when I signed up. They get you so bad on fees and service charges you end up paying more then 80%-100% more than you should. Their terrible service doesn't compare to other providers. They are the worst company I've ever supported in IT and THEIR customer support is the absolute worst I've ever seen anywhere and I'm a service provider myself and I understand the difference between competence and incompetent support techs. I've spent alot of time on the phone with their tech support. These guys take the cake. If you question anything I'm saying, answer 1 question.. .is your cell phone bill far over the amount you understood it was going to be when you signed up. "

Rating 2/10

"I wouldn't even give them 1 star. Save yourself the trouble and go to a different wireless company. Customer service at the Culpeper store is awful. I had a worker there tell me she did not care if I switched back to Verizon. I then, had my phone broken for a month and received my bill where they charged me MORE for data. How can I use more data when my phone doesn't even work? I could go on and on. "

Rating 2/10

"I have never experienced more trouble in my life with a business. If you love hassles, scams, reluctance, blatancy, ignorance, you'll absolutely love this foul company. Ill give you my most recent try to get something similar out of AT&T's service line, with no success. All they want is for you to pay money. Recently I got an LG G3 from AT&T brand new, and not even a month later, its riddled with problems, due to AT&T's poor android developers. I had to do a factory reset today, but a bug in their coding lead it to erase THE ENTIRE OPERATING SYSTEM. I contact them and they give their kind way of saying f*** off over the phone, after i explained this to them, and stated it was still under manufacture warranty. After going through literally 20 different representatives, my call was disconnected. I'm now here trying to fix my advanced paperweight with no help whatsoever."

Rating 2/10

"AT&T has predatory practices and policies. My fiancee and I went into an AT&T store 2 days ago to sign up for the Next24 plan with new Samsung Galaxy 6 Active phones. I was primary on the account because we used a discount from my work. My fiancee traded in his Samsung Galaxy 4 phone for the $200 credit. We sign, everything seems ok, and we leave.

We get home and discover the phone quality service is poor. My fiancee decides it's too bad for him and he wants to return his phone. AT&T said we had 14 days to return, so it should be ok. He calls the next morning. The salesmen says the manager can authorize a return of his Samsung Galaxy 4 phone and that the manager will call him back. He doesn't. My fiancee calls again, but the manager is in a meeting. We decide to just go to the store.

Once we get there - less than 24 hours after we traded in the Galaxy 4 phone - the store says they don't have the phone anymore. They have already sold it and shipped it out. Apparently since I was the primary on the account, I signed a document saying AT&T gets to keep my fiancee's phone no matter what, no grace period.

We weren't happy about losing the phone, but figured there was nothing to be done since it was already sold. Fine, AT&T can transfer the credit to my line (at this point I was still keeping my phone & line) or compensate us for the phone. They refused to do either. They made us call corporate to sort it out. We sat in the store for over an hour on hold with corporate. They told us the store had to help us. The store said corporate had to help us. In the end, no one helped us. They kept my fiancee's phone without compensating us in any way. We were AT&T customers less than 24 hours and this is how we were treated. In my book, it is called stealing to take someone's property and not compensate them in some way. AT&T stole my fiancee's phone. We are now both canceling our services with them and still very much in shock that this happened. How can a company justify taking property and not giving compensation for it?

Rating 2/10

"At&T is the WORST internet service provider by far. You can't even imagine the frustration and stress they will cause you. DO NOT ever sign up for their services. You can't ever even get a hold of them for anything. I cancelled my service and then they sent me a bill, which never showed up and then ended up charging me a late fee on top of that because my bill never arrived in the mail. Are you serious? What a joke of a company."

Rating 2/10

"Do not use ATT. They allow people to fraudulently open accounts. 10 years later these people hit my account with any previous notification."

Rating 4/10

"How difficult it was to procure a new iPhone has been MIND-BLOWING. I was given the absolute runaround in myriad ways by every customer service rep I talked to. It began with the woman in a Los Angeles AT&T store, who was astoundingly unclear about how to renew my two-year contract (she didn't even tell me it was possible to do online), sending me on a wild goose. I ended up ordering a new phone from a shockingly inadequate chat agent who sent the package to the wrong name, despite my having explicitly updated the shipping information, never sent me a shipping confirmation, and failed to tell me a signature would be required upon delivery, putting me in a near-impossible situation. I also had an exchange with a different, even more impossible chat agent who simply could not wrap her head around what I meant when I asked her to send me my tracking number. I'm horrified by how difficult this process has been. Purchasing things in the 21st Century shouldn't be anywhere near this harrowing."

This review was modified by amontell on June 29 2015 03:57:45 PM

Rating 2/10

"AT&T had a sale on an item, so I bought it as it was a good deal. Several hours later they cancelled my order (and from the looks of it several other people's) and had the gall to blame me for giving them invalid information. However, my name, address, and credit card information are all valid.

Thanks for mining my personal data, AT&T. Way to own up.


This review was modified by mizzack on May 18 2015 07:45:16 AM

Rating 2/10

"Att offers a promotions gets customers to order it and then Att decides to cancel orders for ridiculous reasons - this time they stated "Unfortunately, we are unable to verify your identity or run a credit check because the personal information that was provided does not match the information that is on file with the credit bureau. For your protection, your order has been canceled." I know my contact were correct. I checked 3 times! This is just their way of false advertising to gain some traffic on their site! RIDICULOUS! "

This review was modified by ruffless on May 15 2015 04:04:28 PM

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a LG G Watch from AT&T.com. They have plenty of the watch in stock and they cancelled hours later.
Here is their message.
"Unfortunately, we are unable to verify your identity or run a credit check because the personal information that was provided does not match the information that is on file with the credit bureau. For your protection, your order has been canceled."

Are you serious????? I am a AT&T Customer and have been for 12 years. I pay my AT&T bill with the same card I paid for the watch. And the AT&T statement matches the shipping and billing address on the card.

I think they let you place order and then they cancel the orders to obtain credit card information. They false advertise and scam credit card information.

AT&T is a horrible company. I will never shop there again.

This review was modified by jimbobby32 on May 15 2015 02:55:19 PM

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