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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.43/10 1.43/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.07/10 1.07/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.36/10 0.36/10
    Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Rating 4/10

Below average in order process and delivery

"I ordered a book through Abebooks. My order was forwarded to Goldstone Books in Wales who claimed to have sent my book via Royal Post on 28 July. No tracking Number or Consignment Number provided. No assistance provided to help track my shipment. I took up the issue with both Abebooks.com as well as Goldstone but only received courteous responses stating there is no tracking number available. My package is still to arrive as on 12 September!!"

Rating 2/10

Customer Service

"I had issues with receiving the book, AbeBooks was good about getting back to me, the vendor is at fault for my not receiving the book and I have expressed that frustration with AbeBooks who will address it with their vendor."

Rating 2/10


"AVOID!!! Book was in stock - they cancelled my order saying "the item unavailable".

Rating 2/10

Wrong item shipped and terrible return policy!

"Paid for expedited shipping and got the WRONG edition (class required specific edition). They don't even know what they have because they have to ask their vendor if such book is actually available in order to send a replacement.

Now class has started without the book but even worse, their return policy is nuts. They want me to spend MORE money to pay for shipping back to their vendor then wait and hope to get my money back! Really?!?

Rating 2/10

Sly tricky bastards.

"Go to Amazon, not Abe books. Abebooks has a high population of cheaters and liars. Specifically, don't order from "Best_Textbook_Deals" or "Textbook Agency." I feel like crap from getting cheated. Don't let this happen to you. I don't want losers to earn money by cheating. "

Rating 2/10

Don't Trust Abebooks - You will be disappointed.


I needed a textbook for a class that just started. On the first day of class, the professor told us to get a certain book. Like most these days, it cost over a hundred dollars new in the campus bookstore. So, even he advised getting it online. Abebooks said they had several in stock, and the price was much lower. Great. So I ordered it, and I added an extra $6.99 for "priority mail" shipping. And THAT is the problem...

Abebooks has redefined "priority mail" to mean collecting their money fast and then sending the order on to a third party who will do whatever they feel like doing. When I didn't even get a tracking number in 48 hours and complained, they responded with the advice that they would pass my complaint on to the seller and if the book didn't arrive in 12 days, I could make another inquiry. So I complained again that this was unacceptable, and they replied with the same canned response.

The seller finally responded with a "tracking number" - that their shipper said is not valid. I complained AGAIN - and got the same canned response AGAIN.

6 days have gone by. The shipper finally acknowledges the tracking number, and what it shows is that the seller has printed a label but has not yet delivered the book to the post office. I complained to Abebooks and got their usual canned response.

I hope I get this book before the class is over!! And frankly, now that I have read the reviews, I worry about the condition of what will arrive - assuming it ever does.

IN THE MEANTIME, I have been forced to buy another book from another seller so I have something to work with. So much for "AbeBooks", one of the worse online retailers I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

Buy from Abebooks at your peril. Remember, they are NOT the real seller, but an order taking service that couldn't care less about the honesty of their sellers.

Rating 2/10

worst customer service

"The customer service do not give a ****. Those people are unbelievably uneducated- they would simply shift the responsibility to the sellers. Never trust them, use them."

Rating 2/10

Steal your books and money! Scammers!

"Sold 2 text books to them. One was brand new the other was in excellent condition. They tried claiming the more expensive of the books was water damaged which it definitely was not! They are refusing to pay me and won't send me my book back! Now they got a free book for them to sell! They make their money by scamming and ripping people off! Don't trust them! Don't use them!"

Rating 2/10

"Lost in the mail"

"I, too, fell victim to Abebooksellers. This is a scam!

About 2 weeks after purchasing a textbook, I had yet to receive it, so I contacted them asking for a package tracking number.

Their response: my book was lost in the mail. In this digital age, it seems truly shady that this company could not provide a tracking number while blaming a "postal mess." Something doesn't add up!

This company deserves to be shut down!

Rating 2/10

Avoid like the plague!

"I am yet another sucker that received the wrong book; seems all too common in the reviews of Abebooks. Pity I didn't read them before I wasted my time and money. Having notified Abebooks of the error I expected there to be a returns policy. However, their policy is to suggest that their customers abuse the postal service by writing 'Not known at this address' on the package and sticking it in a nearby post box. When I refused they said I would have to pay to return it. I never ordered it so why should I have to pay to return it?? Despite many emails (and the book being returned in the manner advised) I have still not received a refund. Smacks of a scam and a way if getting rid of unmoveable stock to me! I'll never shop there again and would strongly advise anyone else to steer clear!"

fdoamerica's Avatar

Atlanta, GA
Rating 10/10

Great Price, On Time Service and the Product came in the condition promised.

"Great Price, On Time Service and the Product came in the condition promised. What's not to like? I wish all the internet sellers were as competent and competitive in price as AbeBoooks. Kudos!"

Rating 6/10

Abebooks IS Amazon

"Beginning in 2005 I purchased scores and scores of books from AbeBooks. Books I'd been searching for years (I, shame on me, was fairly late in surrendering to internet service) could be had with a click, I was in heaven. Then, slowly, almost without my noticing, AB began to go downhill. When I finally got upset enough to inquire among friends whether they'd also been having problems I learned, to my horror, that they'd fallen to The Beast.
Now? I use AB as a search engine only. Having located a book I require, I make contact with the seller (true "indies" only) outside of AB channels, inquire among friends and other collectors whether they've dealt with the seller, make sure the seller is a member of ABAA and what, if any, issues customers have had with them.
The sellers don't have to give AB/Amazon a cut (if the book is an expensive one, many times the seller have given me a 5-7% price break without my having asked) and I get my book with, as a rule, truly personal service.
I've gone this route for going on six years, I purchase, at the very least, three books a month (seven is probably my average–yes, I own a ridiculous number of books) and I've only had a single one go missing (it turned up at the UK's dead parcel branch in Belfast).

Rating 2/10

Abebooks Enables Deceptive Sellers

"I've used Abebooks for several years and in the past have been satisfied with most of the transactions. Now however, Abebooks has a policy of allowing Sellers to disguise their location - for example, a seller may represent they are based in a United States city but in reality are an overseas company AND shipping FROM overseas to the United States. Abebooks allows a loophole for an overseas Seller to do this as long as they indicate somewhere in their listing that they "MAY" ship from some other location - even without full disclosure. This enables Sellers' deception of point of origin of your package. This directly impacts shipping time, increases the risk of damage and increases your financial privacy risks of dealing with a disguised, overseas Seller. I first contacted Abebooks about this policy, they determined the Seller "met their requirements" and took no action other than to tell me I could request a refund. I am very disappointed Abebooks is enabling this kind of Seller deception and encourage you to think twice before using this service."

Rating 2/10

Tracksters! Stay Well Away!

"Book says in stock, you pay, you get an email saying successful purchase and it will arrive in 4-6 business days. Then a month later still no book has arrived. You ask what is happening, answer given is "book got lost by the courier" and a refund is on the way and there is no more stock of this book. They never contact you to tell you there is a problem. You have to chase after them. After all of this I look at the website, says book is in stock! Avoid like the plague"

Rating 2/10

Forget this place or be ripped off

"Lost Pages & Forgotten Words, thru Abebooks.com
Lost Pages & Forgotten Words steals money from customers. They pull the bait and switch; show a good picture of the book cover, then ship a crap*y version of it - hiding behind the excuse “well I did post a low-resolution picture of the front bookcover, so you agreed to everything that was wrong with it.” Be careful with descriptions also, “a small crease” = “several torn pages”, “unmarked” = “black marks on covers and/or pages”, “clean” = “burn marks anywhere in the book”, and the seller, Hayse, is a heavy smoker, so your books will stink of cigarette smoke.
And abebooks.com will not do anything about it, so be very skeptical about purchasing anything through them, their feedback system isn't feedback at all, the stars only tell you how many completed transactions that store has had.
Not worth the hassle.
Lost Pages and Forgotten Words, lostpagesandforgottenwords1 on ebay, Abebooks.com

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