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"...we’ve seen the volume of our reviews increase exponentially and we’ve seen our star rating increase. Since we’ve been using that higher star ratings in paid search, we’ve seen meaningful decreases in our PPC rates and increases in our ad conversion rates."
myHermes , Joanne Morley, Head of Marketing
Joanne Morley

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How long do I have for a trial?

Our trials are 30 days which is plenty of time for your team to get started and move through our collection process.

I'd love to chat with someone!

That's great. We like talking to clients as well. Just fill in your company details on the signup page or give us a call at 1-866-482-1788. We're good old fashioned like that.

What's the commmitment?

You can join us on a month to month, no comittment plan. No problem. Those that know us and love us can slide in for an annual plan at a great discounted price. Talk to your RSR sales rep by contacting us for more details on this.

How do I get Product Reviews?

As of now, you can sign up only for Brand Reviews, but you can go to the Product Reviews portal and contact us here to have a sales rep contact you and inform you of bundling and pricing. You can only get Produc Reviews as part of Brand reviews and since Product Reviews tends to be investment, we like to ensure our merchants understand the scope of how amazing it is.