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Place it on your site prominently.

The Elite Seal is earned wholly. Any site that has an elite seal meets a certain set of high standards and high ratings. The Elite Seal is re-generated daily and timestamped for freshness and accuracy.

Our SEO Authority

We're proud to say ResellerRatings SEO authority through organic Google Search is the highest. Compare and contrast the images below and see how ResellerRatings high ranking, with key search terms that customers use when searching for your store, combats any negative perception of your store.

The Syndication Cycle

ResellerRatings has the largest review syndication network of any site. From 1 billion views of Answers.com to Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook. We make it a key effort to ensure the voice of the customer gets heard and propagated. Our Tools allow you top put your best foot forward and solicit trustworthy reviews of your store and get an edge over competition.

resellerratings syndication cycle

Elite Seal Placement

The Elite Seal should go on every page to improve Conversion to Sale.



Your ResellerRatings Reviews can be pushed straight onto your Facebook Business Page. Grow your review syndication, turn fans into buyers and complete the recommendation engine cycle. Your ResellerRatings Reviews appears as a clickable tab on your Facebook Page. Your reviews can be controlled to show certain reviews.

Review Accelerator

Avoid the initial hassle of code implementation and upload customer data to acquire reviews using our accelerator method. Unlike most companies, ResellerRatings gives you a 5000k mailer head start / month.

review accelerator

ResellerRatings allows your review acquisition process to be completely automated and self serving.

Customize your logo, set alerts, customize verbiage, and set how many days post checkout you want the survey sent out.

Supercharge Your Google & Bing Marketing With Stars Ratings

Join 2,633 Online Retail brands to lift conversion and manage your reputation with our entire suite of products

ResellerRatings has the largest syndication network of any reviews platform.

No one establishes more consumer trust in Google.com SEO, Google Shopping, AdWords, Yahoo, Answers.com, Facebook, Microsoft adCenter, & Bing Shopping.

Over 2,633, Amazing Merchants use ResellerRatings

Newegg.com (USA
Beyond The Rack
Barnes and Nobl
h.h. gregg

Our Store Ratings Influence Shoppers in Major Marketing Channels

The Power of Positive: "4 out of 5 Consumers Reverse Purchasing Decisions Based on Negative Online Reviews" - Cone Research August 2011

We rank on Page 1 for 84% of the IR500. We outrank Yelp, Bizrate, and others 90% of the time. 80% of shoppers search Google for reviews before buying.

ResellerRatings has the largest consumer reach than anyone else

Build your Positive SEO & Stars Outreach. ResellerRatings makes it very easy to acquire reviews one-week post-checkout. On average, 95% of our customer ratings are positive!

Acquire the most Reviews Post Checkout

We make it very snappy to acquire reviews post-checkout. No implementation hassle, no code. We have the most robust review aggregation system around.

We have the best review acquisition tools on the market. Customizable for your needs. Our Review Accelerator is engineered to get you real reviews without the hassle of implementation. You can also set up our highly converting Exit Survey Mailers - it takes only minutes to add a few lines of Javascript to your thank you confirmation page.

Dramatically Increase AdWords Performance

With the inclusion of ResellerRatings stars ratings in their Adwords, American Frame’s CTR increased by 7%.

‘Google has published that advertisers with Seller Rating Extensions on average get a 17% increase in click through rate. This means a 14.5% drop in CPC for exactly the same position.’

Boost Advertising ROI
Review Authority
  • Boost Your Advertising ROI

    Our Retailer Ratings appear on ResellerRatings and feed directly into your Google Adwords Ads and Google Shopping listings

    Generate more clicks at a lower CPC on your AdWords campaigns

    Improve your ad click thru rate without touching your creatives

  • We have the highest review authority

    Go ahead and try it out. Type in your store name and ratings and ResellerRatings will rank within the top three sites.

    Our five star rating for 1000Bulbs.com, as the #1 result, is dominating the negative complaint sites for this example search, "1000bulbs scam". Counteract negative consumer venting sites like RipoffReport, Complaintsboard, or PissedConsumer? For keywords such as "scam" or "complaints", we're usually on page 1 of the search results and often the #1 result.

    Earn a high rating at ResellerRatings and inject it as brand-saving contrast to the negative venting sites.

Power up your Social Proof

Go beyond the 'like', with your reviews, straight onto Facebook. Win more fans and turn them into loyal customers.

A simple one click implementation pushes your reviews to Facebook. Build more value with social interactions and social recommendations. All your reviews on ResellerRatings best inserted into a tab that you can highlight on your business page.

Integrate and share your Brand Reviews

We provide a series of tried & tested gorgeous seals and review widgets to adorn on your site and prevent cart abandonment.

Ratings Widget

Elite Member Seal
(for qualifying merchants)

The Elite Member seal is a small graphic for display within the "first fold" of your site to convey to shoppers that you're an upstanding trusted retailer, according to your customers, who have rated you at ResellerRatings. Clicking on the seal shows a detailed explanation in a popup window, without taking the customer away from your site.

In tests on merchant partner sites, we've measured our seal to outperform McAfee Site Secure(tm) in lifting conversion to sale rates. Display our seal alongside 3rd party security seals to address consumer concerns over trust and security together for maximum CTR lift.

Consumer Care, Insights and Metrics

We continue to grow our Merchant Member Dashboard tools to help you understand your customer base, promote good social content, and manage campaigns

Stay Alert, Control your Reputation, Set up your Team, Flag Reviews and monitor your reviews...

brands post public replies

Reply Back to reviews

Directly contact reviews and see what's going on with their issues. Revealing the invoice numbers we allow you to match up a review up to a verified buyer.

brands flag reviews

Flag Reviews

Flag reviews from non-customers (or for other violations of our terms) for possible removal.

Verified Buyers

Verified Buyers Only

Reviewers, revealed! View order number associated with each review to verify with your records, resolve issues, or offer thanks.

Two Day Review Buffer

Merchant Members have a window of 48-hours to preview new reviews and contact the reviewer before the public can see the post. This includes a 48-hour turnaround processing time on flagged reviews.

Customizable Alerts & Notifications

Receive email alerts about new reviews posted by customers to your page or changes made to past reviews. No need to log in 20 times a day, we'll let you know when anything on your ratings or reviews changes.

Email Customers

Send emails to reviewers via our site to address issues, engage your customers, thank your fans.

Public Comments for all to See

All registered merchants can post a public response to each customer review. Resolve current issues and showcase your active participation in a public forum for all future customers to see.

Exit Survey - Pop Up & Auto

Our most important tool to generate reviews which will appear on our site and impact your rating for as long as you are a Merchant Member subscriber. Add our copy and paste javascript to your order confirmation page following checkout to allow customers to opt-in to write reviews. On average, 95% of all exit survey reviews are positive!

Pre-populate Invoice Numbers & Purchase Dates

Merchant members can increase review acquisition by making it easier on customers. Pre-populate their review order numbers and transaction dates easily using our system and don't have them scrambling to find their receipts come time to write a review.

MultiUser Enterprise

Need multiple employee logins to manage your accounts? Now you got it. More users means a distributed work load.