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posted Jul-26-2014
Rating 10/10
“I order from Natural K9 Supplies all the time and absolutely recommend ordering from them!! I find they have the best prices, they offer excellent customer service, and actually have people you can talk to. Plus, they ship quick and the order is packed with the utmost care. What else does anyone need?? ”
This review was modified by Bustershuman Jul-26-2014

posted Jul-26-2014
Rating 2/10
“I ordered LG LG5231JA2006B refrigerator filters, and nowhere on the description on their web site or on my order did it say it was NOT an LG filter but instead a cheaper made in China off-brand. This is outright deceptive advertising.”

posted Jul-26-2014
Rating 2/10
“This review is my overall opinion after years of ordering from them. After several awful experiences my mom and a couple aunts have stopped ordering from them and now I too am through! The products may be cheap in cost but they are also cheap in quality... therefore making the cost of the product per worth extremely over priced. Also be cautious when ordering for the wording of items is extremely manipulative. The pictures shown represent one thing while the fine print suggests another. Good luc...”
This review was modified by ashleigh55 Jul-26-2014

posted Jul-26-2014
Rating 2/10
“DON NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE - I ordered a camera on 7/4/14, but until 7/24/14, I had not got anything, not a phone call or email. I then call back but they said the camera I ordered is not available, and asked me to order another one. The whole thing is a scam and cheating. They purposely put a very low price on their website to attract you, and to wait for your call. Then they would tell it is not in stock. I wasted 20 days! PLEASE DO NOT BE CHEATED!!!”
This review was modified by app1fcl Jul-26-2014

posted Jul-26-2014
Rating 8/10
“Nice store. Have never been in one before until visiting family
in Ill.”
This review was modified by julia12 Jul-26-2014

posted Jul-26-2014
Rating 10/10

Is It Possible To Lose 40 Lbs In 1 Month?
We hear a lot about topics such as health, exercise, fitness, and we talk about them.
We say things like: "I worry about my health." "I want to have better physical fitness." "I think I'll start an exercise program."
However, many of us don't realize that we are really just making generalized statements about broad subjects.
For example, when you talk about "exercise", you could be talking about running, weight lif...”

posted Jul-26-2014
Rating 10/10
“I live in Brazil and I feel pretty limited with what I can buy here, then the prices usually are very high, everything is pretty overpriced... I've ran across Forzieri last year and since then buy pretty much online. I've never tried to return anything, as usually I order bags, purses, necklaces, watches... and I do like everything that comes here. Last time I've received a bonus from Forzieri, so I was very happy to use it for my last buy. I suggest my friends and they also buy gifts for their...”

posted Jul-26-2014
Rating 2/10
“I have been charged $63.33 for 4 items which cost a total of $19.96! I paid an initial amount of $5.37 in May 2014 , which I thought was a promotional, however, they have proceeded to charge me $19.37 in June and July. When I contacted their customer service, they would only offer me a credit of
$5.00 toward the last payment of $19.37 in August. I would never agree to such a purchase, and they seem to deliberately confuse the terms on their website. This is a TOTAL SCAM!”

posted Jul-26-2014
Rating 10/10
“For DJ668581

Real Name:

Derek Jan
000000000000 , Xindian Dist.
New Taipei City, 00000
New Taipei City, Taiwan

Sub-Total: 90.91 €
Shipping cost (Shipping cost TW (2.50 Kg.)): 47.00 €
Total: 137.91 €


Tracking number: EB002210191IT

Best Regards
British Racer”
This review was modified by BritishRacer Jul-26-2014

posted Jul-26-2014
Rating 4/10
“It's all good until you actually talk to someone on the phone.
Customer service reps worst I've dealt with ever, they actually
hung up on me. Would not let me explain the issue, talked over me, did I say talked over me? Guy was a complete jerk,
very rude. I've maybe called twice in the last 6 years and those experiences were iffy as well, this one takes the cake.
I was ok with the online automated returns, but when I completed the automated line of questioning to process the return by answering...”
This review was modified by JamalSpelling Jul-26-2014

posted Jul-26-2014
Rating 10/10
“Ordered a Wharfedale center channel speaker they had on sale and overall it was a very good experience. I asked a question about the speaker by email and got a response in less than a day, ordered the next day, and it shipped out promptly. My only complaint would be that it wasn't double-boxed (they just put a shipping label on the speaker box), but considering the price and that it arrived without any issues I can't complain too much, and I'd definitely shop there again.”

posted Jul-26-2014
Rating 2/10
“ordered hermes cosmetics - was supposed to get 10 bottles of same thing - got four bottles of different stuff - fishpond only offers for me to send it back to Australia at my expense to get right stuff hoping that I will give it up - obviously bogus organization - do not trust them. ”
This review was modified by williammcc Jul-26-2014

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